What would happen if? Second Gen!!

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What would happen if? Second Gen!!

Post  Shinefairy on Wed Apr 23, 2014 10:53 pm

Okay, short story intro! First gen was about how your favorite characters from any show came to real life, now in mainly focus of the university of Young Jusitice. Since this is the second gen, years have past and the so called sidekicks are now grown up and have kids of their own. A whole new team, totally new character and new stories!

(No one who wern't in the firt gen shouldn't join cause that will be very confusing since we've rp:ed for a long time and it migt be hard to follow up. Thanks anyway ^^ )

Down below is a timeline, following upp most of the important events that has happenned. (hope it’s crash… I know how we started with Nikki at 13 and Jaine at 18 and in the year gap that would make Dick 16 already according to the series timeline (since Wally would be 18 and there’s 2 years between them) so I aged up Nikki so she would be 2 years younger than Dick, or everything went fucked up in my head, but xD Yeah, I thought this would just make the age thing a bit easier. I made it out from YJ timeline with Dick’s and Wally’s dates of birth. Hope ok?)

And now, for the YJ team!

The team
Name: Miranda Brooke
Alias: Wonder Girl
Age: 17
Bio: Miranda was raised as a warrior amazon, tough, always ready for a challenge and close friends with Diana she was recommended to join the team with Cassies supervision. Not much is known of her childhood but she always got your back.
Personality: Tough, a strategic, and natrual leader. Has taken on the team leader role. Is quite serious, a lot unlike Cassie, and even a bit more serious than Diana. Has a hard time seeing the fun in jokes, and is often more tense, stiff and focused than necessary.
Powers/weapons: Super strenght, lasso, sword.

Name: Jail Lance Queen
Alias: Black arrow
Age: 20
Bio: Jail is Oliver and Dinahs daughter. Master combat fighter and archer. Been in the hero buessness since 13, and is the most expirienced in fighting crime.
Personality: Tough, kind, more serious like Dinah while on missions but is easygoing and fun like Ollie with her friends.
Powers/abilities: Canary cry, archery and martial arts.

Name: Kayla Kent M’orzz
Alias: Martian girl
Age: 15
Bio: Kayla is M’gann and Conners daughter and twin sister to Liv. They both just joined the team recently. Have a very close sister bonding.
Personality: Easy, loving, thoightful and happy, just like her sister. Is more blind folded than her, and is a great artist.
Powers: Martian powers.

Name: Liv Kent M’orzz
Alias: Super Girl
Age: 15
Bio: Liv is the older twin sister of Kayla, by a 3 minutes. She loves her sister and is so excited about joining the team.
Personality: Liv is a bit more outgoing and not as shy, she is a nice and smart girl, and tries to show off as a litte more tuff than she actually is.
Powers: Super strength, super hearing, flight.

Name: Mike Channel
Age: 25
Bio: No one really knows too much but that they found this happy and crazed dude on a mission. He sed to be a hacker and the team and league took him in after he had nowhere to go, and he works from the cave as contact while the team is out on missions. Taking out cameras, alarms and keeping an eye out in case for backup.
Personality: A joker, totally a funny guy and is seen as the big brother figure, and has a total thing for Jail.

Name: Tim Real
Alias: Electric
Age: 17
Bio: Was striked by lightning as a kid, survived and noticed in his teens his powers. Asked to become sidekick of lightning, and that’s where it all started. Doesn’t mind being the only guy to the group besides Mike.
Personality: The goofy one in the group, totally cocky and tend to charm everyone.
Powers: Teleporting

And the leauge!

The league (age)
Batman – Bruce Wayne (54)

Superman – Clark Kent (55)

“S” – Conner Kent (23)

Nightwing – Dick Grayson (36)
Mission handler to the team.

Green Arrow – Oliver Queen (54)

Red Arrow – Roy Harper (40)
Team strength and precision practise

Black Canary – Dinah Lance Queen (46)

Hydro – Nikki Grayson (34)
Team healer and mental talking.

The Flash – Wally West (38)

Shadow – Jaine West (38)
Team combat and stealth practice

Zatanna Zatara (36)

Miss Martian – M’gann M’orzz (70) Martian years (38) looks

Martian Manhunter – J’honn J’onnz (157) Martian years (57) looks

Captain Marvel – Billy (32)

Red Tornado

Beast Man – Garfield Logan (29)

Wonder Woman – Cassie Sandmarks (31)

Terra – Julie Logan (29)

Dragon – Tim Drake (31)
Team tech.

And some of our villians:

Villians: (age)
Joker (54)

Harley Quinn (52)

Alex Quinn (20)

Lex Luthor (68)

Queen Bee (50)

The Riddler – Edward Nigma(52)

Questionmark – Anthony Nigma (21)

Cheshire – Jade Nguyen (41)

Scavenger – Joseph Wilson (45)

Deathstroke – Slade Wilson (69)

Exterminator/Sniper – Seth Wilson (16)

Tommy and Tuppence (40)

Poison Ivy (49)

Bane (49)

Red Hood – Jason Todd (33)

Count Vertigo (58)

Ra’s al Ghul (Unknown)

Starfire (36)

Lian Harper Nguyen (16)

Afrodite – Akila (33) (Reverse wonder woman)

Strike – Vox Thawne (36) (Reverse Flash) (Future)

Klarion (Unknown)

Black Manta (59)

X-manta – Kaldur’Ahm (38)

Jennice Ivo – (26)

And some other notable characters:

Other characters:
Jackson (Jack) Overland – Jack Frost: Best friend with Ariel.
" />

Zayn Zatara – Zatanna’s son, 12 years old, got magic powers like his mother.

Evelina Logan – Beast Man and Terras Daughter, 3 years old.

Evelyn Gonzales – Khaldur'ahms 14 year old daughter.

Mart Gonzales – Khaldur'ahms 12 year old son.

Anneliese Gonzales – Khaldur'ahms 9 year old daughter.

Hannah Crock – Artemis daughter, 13 years old.

Thea Crock – Artemis daughter, 11 years old.

And now for our main characters:

Jaine and Wally West's kids:

Name: Madeleine (Maddie) Nicolette (Nikki) West
Alias: Speedy
Age: 15 (and 7 months)
Powers: Super speed (as fast as Wally were at first)

Bio: Maddie is a little more than 2 and a half year older then her little brother which sorta gives her the overprotective side when it comes to him. Maddie doesn’t know about the superhero life, or not of what her mum and dad always had. She only knows everyone as civilians which caused her to have a pretty normal childhood. Now, coming up in her teens it’s starting to get a little more… complicated. Trouble at school, relationships between friends, annoying brothers and cousins and on top of that? She knows her parents is hiding something, and not just them, it seems like everyone knows… knows something huge. She has to find out what that is, she can’t stand the lying and secrets anymore. It’s like,… she doesn’t even know herself yet… things that aren’t supposed to happen happens… it’s not a coincidence, not anymore… she needs to find out what it is, talk to someone… it’s time to face her parents, to face a hidden past.

Personality: Maddie is like her father, easy-going and impulsive, typical qualities of a speedster. She has a sense of humour, both good and bad, but Maddie’s also a kinda sporty, casual, and tuff girl. Maybe a little clumsy here and there, but hey… ain’t that a part of the humour? Maddie is very carrying and look after others before herself, especially her little brother. She’s very stubborn and doesn’t give up once she put her mind to something. Maddie likes to see the good in all people but of course, there is the evil witches like little miss special at school… Ugh, Sarah’s so popular she think’s she’s soooo much better then everyone… that’s one thing Maddie can’t stand. Also, Maddie’s a critic, and a sceptic… and uses sarcasm a lot. And she doesn’t believe in magic, seriously? Like that Santa outfit Mal pulled off a few years ago… not real!

Looks: (lighter red/blonde hair and dark-green eyes)
" />
" />
Name: Nathaniel (Nathan) Richard West
Alias: Kid Flash
Age: 12 (turning 13 in 2 months)
Powers: Shape shifting and super speed (as fast as Wally is now)

Bio: Nathan is a 12 year old kid who’s just coming into his teens. 1 word he’d usually describe everything with? Awesome! But no,…. Seriously? Who wants to become a teenager? Twice the homework, much more responsibility and dude, who doesn’t get wrinkles? Besides, he isn’t even into girls yet, oh and right… girls. Way annoying, gets in the way everywhere… um do they even have positive sides? No he’s just kidding, or Maddie will hit him too hard. No, but girls are cool, some of them, but like friends, you know? He’s even glad to have Maddie around to watch over him, though he hates that nickname Nay-Nay she has for him. Sure, he wants to feel like a kid, but not a baby? Well, she’s also fun to have as a mess around and she always gets the blame when it ends up with him getting a black eye or something. Okay, that part is not too funny. So basically growing up with a bigger sister is… yeah, way more cool than most guys would think, and he really looks up to her. About the whole power thing? Nathan doesn't have a clue and it’s nothing he ever thought about really. It’s nice being normal.

Personality: Nathan is a joyful, playful and fun-loving guy. He’s kinda immature at times but some say he’s very mature for his age. Probably because he can be serious, understanding and sensitive if he wants to. Nathan is very kind and thoughtful just as much as he’s joker and a prankster. However does Nathan always make sure that everyone’s alright. He’s a reckless skater boy who goes with the flow and is pretty chill off about most stuff. Doesn’t freak out much, like, what’s the point of that? Nathan is more of a careful guy when it comes to new things and is not impulsive like his sister or their dad. He often judges people by first impression and is not so forgiving and overseeing if someone has made a mistake or gotten him angry, like really angry. But he can forgive people, it’s not that… it’s just that he has a hard time trusting them afterwards.

Looks: (dark aburn/red hair and green-blue eyes)
" />
" />

Name: Seth Joseph Wilson
Alias: Exterminator/Sniper
Age: 16

Bio: Seth is the son of Joseph Wilson, and the grandson of Slade Wilson. Growing up under, how to say… not normal relationships isn’t the easiest. Seth was only a little boy as his father had his ‘work’ aside of his grandfather, Deathstroke. He weren’t home very often, which caused Seth to spend rather more time with his mum, Rose Wilson. She used to take care of number and business of calculating for her husband. They were a team, his parents and everything worked out until one day. Rose had tried to talk Joe out of the criminal life, when he refused she’d been wanting to leave for a change of a better life for their son. But Joe never were the most persuasive or acceptable man, and making plans behind his back…. Seth remembers how he’d always heard mum and dad arguing, it wasn’t any surprise. But this day, it had been even worse. After hearing the kitchen table flew across the room he’d ran into the kitchen to see what was going on. He’d seen his mum faced with his dad, and a pleading look in her eyes. He’d tried to stop his father, but being only 7 he’d earned a hard punch and a deep cut with a sword aside of his left eye for standing up. When his mother had reached out for him Joe hadn’t been merciful by piercing her right threw her heart. Seth had only been like frozen as his mother hit the floor, dead. He didn’t understand, why would his dad do that? He’d never gotten any answer, just a cold glare and forced to never speak or ask of it. After that Joseph started training his son to become a master assassin,… learn all weapons by type and follow in his footsteps. Seth were always scared of his father, and grew up with a respect for him. Don’t disobey him, it’ll give you back big time. And now, at age 16, he’s already a deadly enemy. Doesn’t mind killing, torturing, whatever, you name it. He’s actually grown to like it, it’s a good thing to not care about anything or anyone. It’s kill or be killed, that’s what dad taught him. But that’s not his case, he can’t stand up to his dad, not like mum, then he would be dead. It’s all about pleasing him, and" />
" />

Nikki and Dick Graysons kids:

Name: Aiden Wally Grayson
Alias: Aquos
Age: 11

Power(s): Water manipulation, acrobatic skills, expert martial artist, & computer skills
History: Aiden is the good twin. Always makes straight A’s, in the band at his new middle school, and was always respectful of everyone. He’s never been real into sports, but he likes to play the occasional basketball and soccer. When it comes to family, he’s real sweet. Althoug, his twin brother and him don’t get along. They are almost polar opposites, from looks to hobby wise and grade wise. The only thing he and his brother really agreed on was how much family was important and their love of computer hacking and games.
He never truly knew the reason of why his dad made him and his siblings take acrobatic and fighting lessons, but it all comes clear one day when he finds out he is in a family of superheroes.

" />
" />
(Just the outfit)

Name: John Bruce Grayson
Alias: Robin
Age: 11

Power(s): No powers. Acrobatic skills, expert martial artist, & computer skills
History: Now, John is the little troublemaker of the family. He’s always getting into fights and has a bad temper, picking a fight to anyone that gives him a bad eye, always getting into detention. Kinda like his Uncle Conner. Under all of that hard exterior is a big, kind heart, especially towards his little sister, Ariel. He’d kill a man for her, and the same for his brother, even though he picks on him a lot. Whenever his brother got bullied when they were little, he’d always say, “I’m the only one who can pick on him, got that?”

Other than that, he is in his own rock band with his group of friends. Their band name is “The Ravens”. John wouldn’t admit it, but he got that name from Edgar Allen Poe’s poem ‘The Raven’. Yeah. This guy liked poetry but wouldn’t let anyone know. That’d ruin his tough guy reputation.
When he is told that his parents were real live superheroes, he is angry that they kept something so big and awesome from him and demands to be one, but his parents won’t let him due to his temper.

" />
" />

Name: Ariel Jaine Grayson
Alias: Dash
Age: 9

Power(s): Super speed, acrobatic skills, computer hacking skills, and some combat skills
History: Ariel is the baby of the family and can be very childish. She loves to watch cartoons, Disney movies, and is always playing childish games. However, a part of her is yearning to be older and be more responsible, even when she can be a little klutzy and scatterbrained.

She shares the love of music like her brothers, but it’s more towards country genre and some pop, not to mention the love of computers and being acrobatic. She takes the acrobatic lessons for cheerleading and has high enough grades to skip a year, but would never do that. She also loves horses, fairies, things like that. She wouldn’t leave her best friend, Jackson Overland Frost. He’s in her grade and the greatest best friend anyone can ask.
Upon learning that her family is full of superheroes, she wants nothing more than to be one like her brother, John. But her mom thinks she’s too young and won’t be able to handle it.

" />" />
" />

And that about covers it! Now, let's rock this!" />" />

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Re: What would happen if? Second Gen!!

Post  Shinefairy on Wed Apr 23, 2014 11:20 pm

(YJ) Timeline
1994: 5th of August – Jaine Lynn is born.

1994: 11th of November – Wally West is born.

1995: Jaines parents give her away and she gets adopted.

1998: 28th of May – Nicolette Parks is born.

1996: 1st of December – **** Grayson is born

2000: Nikkis parents are killed in an accident and she becomes an orphan before she gets adopted.

2006: 1st of April – Zucco murders the flying Graysons

2006: - After the tragedy at Haly's Circus, Robin (**** Grayson) begins his career at age 9.

2008: Kid Flash (Wally West) starts his career.

2010: 5th of July – The team forms.

2012: 2nd of Feburary - Jaine Lynn and Nikki Parks meet Wally West and **** Grayson for the first time.

2012: 4th of Feburary – Nikki and Jaine discover their powers.

2012: 10th of Feburary – Nikki and Jaine joins the team.

2012: 6th of June – Nikki and **** becomes a couple.

2012: 31th of October – Jaine and Wally becomes a couple.

2012: 9th of November – The girls end up wounded. Jaine gets a leg replacement and Nikki gets a new heart.

2013: 20th of December – **** becomes Nightwing

2013: 19th of August – Jaine and Wally attends collage together and moves into a house in Palo Alto.

2013: 25th of December – Jaine and Wally buys a dog for Christmas and names him Wonder after Robin.

2015: 28th of January – Nikki and **** moves in together at an apartment in Bludhaven.

2015: 11th of March – Nightwing becomes leader for the team.

2016: 28th of May – Nikkis Birthday and **** gets her a puppy who she names, Aster. Jaine finds out she’s pregnant after sneaking back to the ship as Tigress.

2016: 20th of June – Wally dies

2016: 4th of July – Jaine goes back into retirement without Wally to take care of their future baby. Nightwing and Nikki takes a leave of absence to mourn the lost of Kid Flash.

2016: 14th of March – Seth Wilson is born.

2017: 3rd of February – Madeleine West is born

2017: 5th of February – Jaine starts working for the testing of new airplanes for the military but as a start and part time job. Wally’s parents is watching Maddie the few hours she’s at work twice a week.

2019: 3rd of February - Maddie’s birthday and Wally returns from the speed force.

2019:  28th of February – Jaine and Wally finds out she’s pregnant after fighting Deathstroke. Wally proposes to Jaine who sais yes.

2019: 19th of November – Nathaniel West is born. **** proposed to Nikki who sais yes.

2020: 7th of June – At age 26, Jaine and Wally get’s married.

2021: 10th of January – Nikki and **** have two twin boys. John and Aiden.

2021: 14th of April – At age (23)Nikki and (25)**** get’s married.

2023: 8th of June – Nikki and **** have a daughter, Ariel.

2023: 23rd of July – Joseph Wilson (Scavenger) murder his wife in front of 7 year old Seth. Seth gets his left eye scar from his dad.

2023: Seth starts his training to follow his father’s footsteps.

2032: 10th of January - Aiden and John turns 11.

2023: 8th of June - Ariel turns 9.

2032: 3rd of February – Maddie’s 15th birthday.

2032: 14th of March – Seth turns 16.

2032: 19th of September (story start)

2032: 22th of September - The West family goes to visit the Grayson family. Kids gets attacked by robots and ends up finding out that their parents have been lying about the hero life.

2032: 27th of September - The kids are allowed to start training their powers.

2032: 1st of November - The kids are introduced to the team for the first time after about a month of hero training outside the team.

2032: 3rd of November - After the West family gets kidnapped for Deathstroke to take his revenge on Jaine she ends up stabbing herself to the result of a coma.

2032: 10th of November - Maddie secretly goes out with Tim, and has an argument with her father about doing so and also starting a relationship with Tim.

2032: 17th of November - The kids gets kidnapped by the Pinguin but later gets rescued by Nightwing, Hydro and Flash.

2032: 19th of November - Nathaniel West's 13th birthday.

2032: 25th of December - The West's Celebrates Christmas without Jaine together with the Graysons. Maddie and Wally finally get on good terms again after he gives his premission for Maddie to date Tim.

2033: 1st of January - Maddie and Tim officialy become a couple.

2033: 3rd of February - Maddie’s 16th birthday. Recieves a car from her father.

2033: 8th of March - Jaine wakes up after her long coma and is reunited with her family.

2033: 6th of June - The team is tested for their interrogation skills. The test ends in bloodbath though when Scott, Jaine's younger brother shows up and kills Aiden.

2033: 12th of June - Aidens funeral. Family, friends and team attend.

2033: 23rd of September - Nikki finally gets out of the house, metting her sister and trying to cope with the loss of her child. Meanwhile Maddie and Nathan is out on a mission, getting introduced to two young villains, Huntress & Sniper.

2033: 25th of September - Present.

(This post is for me to be able to add stuff, cause if I do that in the post above, pics will go away, so yeah. Here's for future updates ^^)

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Re: What would happen if? Second Gen!!

Post  IceMakeMage19 on Thu Apr 24, 2014 12:09 am

All I can say is....DAMN! XD! I would NOT be able to create and keep up with all of that Laughing Laughing Awesome, Shine!!!


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Re: What would happen if? Second Gen!!

Post  Shinefairy on Thu Apr 24, 2014 9:09 pm

Thankies Nia! ^^


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Re: What would happen if? Second Gen!!

Post  IceMakeMage19 on Fri Apr 25, 2014 12:48 am

Can we start!? Please, please, please!?!?!?


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Re: What would happen if? Second Gen!!

Post  Shinefairy on Sun Apr 27, 2014 10:47 pm

Suries can sis ^^


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Re: What would happen if? Second Gen!!

Post  IceMakeMage19 on Sun Apr 27, 2014 10:53 pm

Yay!! *hugs to death* You start, big sis!


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Re: What would happen if? Second Gen!!

Post  Shinefairy on Sun Apr 27, 2014 10:58 pm

Okay, just. How u wanna play our chars. U wanna play all of Nikks and Dicks kids or like, ya get the hang?


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Re: What would happen if? Second Gen!!

Post  IceMakeMage19 on Sun Apr 27, 2014 11:04 pm

I can play all of them ^^ I don't mind


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Re: What would happen if? Second Gen!!

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